Planning for Any-thing

Thanks to one of the darker corners of the Scala type system (*variance*), it’s a cinch to define intents that work with all plans.

Agnostic Intents

sourceobject Hello {
  val intent = unfiltered.Cycle.Intent[Any, Any] {
    case _ => ResponseString("Hello")

The object Hello defines an intent with underlying request and response types of Any. As a result, the intent can not statically expect a particular underlying request or response binding. This makes sense, as we want to make an intent that works with any of them.

Specific Plans

The next step is to supply the same generic intent to different kinds of plans.

sourceval helloFilter =

val helloHandler =

As usual the plans are actual servlet filters or Netty handlers, so you could use them with a server you have configured separately or with a server configured by Unfiltered.

The source code for this page can be found here.